Petzl Macchu Kids Climbing Harness Review

Petzl Macchu Kids Climbing Harness Review

Petzl Macchu Kids' Climbing Harness



Adjustability, Endoframe technology, Connection loop


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With the same technology found in Petzl's adult harnesses, the Macchu Kids' Climbing Harness is able to grow with your young climber as they gain experience

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If you have children, then you already know that they like to climb on everything! They’re climb on furniture, trees, buildings, even you if you let them! Since children are keen on climbing, it would make sense that you’d want to start bringing your child to the gym to climb the rock wall.

Of course, if you do that, you’ll want to get a child-sized harness because an adult-sized harness won’t fit their top-heavy little bodies properly.

Today, we are going to talk about the Petzl Macchu Kids Climbing Harness. In this review, we are going to go over it’s features and what people had to say about using the harness. Then at the end, we’ll give you our recommendation on whether this harness is worth picking up for your little climber.

About The Product

Petzl Macchu Kids' Climbing Harness

The Petzl Macchu Kids Climbing Harness is designed for small children and is a smaller version of the adult harness in the Petzl line. The harness features a padded waist and leg loops, as well as loops for gear and dual front buckles.

The double-webbing design allows for even weight distribution over the straps instead of the pressure being on one strap. The cut of the harness is wider on the sides and narrower in the front and back so that the harness fits your child comfortably as they climb.

  • EndoFrame technology for excellent weight distribution for optimal comfort
  • Two quick and easy-to-adjust Double back waist buckles keep tie-in point centered
  • Double back leg buckles allow for adjustment as your child grows
  • Colored connection loop allows for easy visual inspection of belayer’s connection point
  • Two rigid front gear loops for easy access to equipment
  • Rear chalk bag attachment point

This is a step-in harness, which makes putting it on much easier for parents. There is a color-emphasized belay look that allows children to learn how to inspect their own rope work.

The harness can be paired with the Petzl Body harness to help keep your child upright should they fall. However, you don’t need the Body in order for this climbing harness to work – it’s just a nice addition for extra comfort.

The leg and waist buckles automatically double back, and there’s a buckle on both sides of the waist belt. All of these components come together to keep your child centered as they climb.

Since this harness is adjustable, your child will be able to grow with this harness until they are ready to move onto an adult-sized harness. The gear loops that are included on this harness will help your child transition from top roping, to following, and even leading.

What People Are Saying

While our review provides you with basic information about the Petzl Macchu Kids Climbing Harness, the only way to know how the harness performs is by reading the reviews from customers who have used the product.

When we looked at the reviews for the harness, we were impressed to see that there are no negative reviews at the time of writing this review. So, what are people saying about it?

Customers are raving about how well the harness fits their child. One parent said the harness fits a 60-pound child perfectly, and since it is adjustable, it will continue to fit them as they grow. Customers appreciate the buckles on either side of the harness because it makes adjusting the waist size equally, thus keeping the child centered and symmetrical.

Customers also like that since this is a child-sized harness, there aren’t any extra lengths of strap that you’d need to finagle so it doesn’t become a hazard.

People also appreciate that this harness features Endoframe technology, which means the seams do not cross. This means that your child won’t experience any uncomfortable compression zones or friction spots.  

Parents also like that the harness features two strong equipment hooks and a buckle in the back where you can attach a chalk bag. Several people have also commented they liked that the connection loop is in a bright color which allows you to quickly check to make sure your child is safe while they climb.

Final Thouhgts

Petzl Macchu Kids' Climbing Harness

We love this harness because it’s basically a smaller version of Petzl’s adult harnesses. The Petzl Macchu Kids Climbing Harness is designed to keep your child safe and comfortable while they climb. The Endoframe technology ensures that your child won’t experience any pinching or pulling like they could with other harnesses.

When you combine the Endoframe technology (a double webbing design that evenly distributes weight) with the padded waist and leg loops and your child has a well-fitting, comfortable seated harness.

Normally child-sized harnesses are suitable for children between 4 and 10 years old. However, since the waist and leg loops are adjustable, your child will be able to get plenty of use out of it for several years.

Although you have the option of purchasing the Petzl’s Body harness, it isn’t necessary. Your child can use this seated harness on its own and you never have to worry about their safety. However, if you do pair it with the Body, your child will have the perfect climbing gear that’ll allow them to climb safely and securely both indoors or on crags.

If you’re looking for a high quality seated harness that your child will get a lot of use out of, then the Petzl Macchu Kids Climbing Harness is an excellent choice. What’s really great about this harness is that when one child grows out of it, it can be used for other children in the family. All you have to do is adjust the loops to get a great fit.

Leave us a comment and tell us how old your little rock climber is and where you prefer going to climb. Do you like going to the gym or does your little one like to be adventurous and climb the crags? We want to hear from you!

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