Petzl Corax Harness Review

Petzl Corax Harness Review

If you do a lot of climbing, then you know how vital it is to have a good harness. A cheap harness just doesn't cut it, especially not when your life is literally hanging on the line. Climbers need confidence. They need to be able to trust that the gear they're wearing is the best that money can get.

They need a harness that's comfortable. They need a something that will cradle and support them. The harness needs to be able to match the style of hiking that the climber is doing. It should be versatile enough to allow the user to climb anywhere, anytime, not just in certain conditions and special locations.

Petzl - CORAX, Versatile and Adjustable Harness


Too many products on the market are sub-par in all of these areas. They're only suited to one style of climbing, they don't fit well or offer any support for the legs and back. Worst of all, they are unsafe, putting the hiker's very life in jeopardy. Every year climbers fall to their deaths because of poorly designed harnesses.

The Petzl CORAX is hands down, one of the best climbing harnesses on the market. It's versatility and comfort are unmatched, it's made out of some of the highest-quality materials made by man.

When you go hiking with this harness, you can make every step count, and know that when things go wrong (because eventually, they do), you'll be safer than a baby in a crib.

Let's take a little while to go over all of the in-depth features that make the Petzl CORAX such an excellent harness.

About The Product

We do a lot of climbing and test out a lot of products. Only a few of these products are ever worth mentioning. The Petzl CORAX is one of those few. For starters, let's take a look at its impressive features:


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    Incredibly easy to use
  • check
    Unparalleled versatility
  • check
    Completely adjustable
  • check
    Equipped for anything
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    Extreme comfort
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    Traditional style harness
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    High-quality fabric construction

Extreme Comfort

A lot of harnesses are somewhat comfortable. They support and cradle your pelvis and may even have a little bit of padding. The CORAX, on the other hand, was designed for extreme comfort. It’s so comfortable that you won’t feel like taking it off. It will feel like a second skin.

Petzl - CORAX, Versatile and Adjustable Harness


The padding on the back cradles your spine and has just enough give to make the harness have a light, springy feel to it. Your weight is also evenly distributed out across the leg straps which means that you won’t have to worry about them digging into your thighs and causing you chafing, blisters, and friction burns.

The belt is wide and heavily padded. It wraps around your waist without cutting into your skin and can support your full weight comfortably as it will transfer your weight through the network of straps which make up the frame of the harness.

Ease Of Use

Have you ever spent an hour trying to put on your harness? You just sit there making your best attempt to untangle all of the straps, figure out which clip goes where and how you’re going to somehow make it fit around you.

The Petzl CORAX is one of the most easy-to-use and straightforward harnesses on the market. All you need to do is slip your legs through the loops, and pull the adjustable strap, and then you're good to climb any mountain that stands in your way.

Sound too good to be true? Well, we guarantee you that it's one of the simplest harnesses we've ever seen.

If you want to do a lot of climbing, then you will want a harness that’s easy to put on. If you constantly find yourself frustrated with your harness, then you’re more likely to put it on the wrong way, forget a clip, and put your life in danger.

With an easy-to-use harness like this, you can be sure that each time you put it on, it’s going on the right way and the safe way.

Traditional Versatility

The Petzl CORAX is incredibly versatile. Although it's designed after a traditional style of harness, it has just enough extra features to allow you to hike a wide variety of environments but is also lightweight enough for you to take it to the gym.

Plenty Of Gear Loops

When you spend hours at a time trying to get up to a point at the top of the mountain, you want to have everything that you need with you. You don't want to be rummaging around trying to find things in a backpack or worse, completely forgetting things when your hanging thousands of feet up in the sky.

The Petzl CORAX has several large loops that you can use to secure anything from extra ropes to a bottle of water. When you're halfway to the top of the mountain, you will have everything that you need to make it all the way.

What We Didn't Like About The Harness

Unfortunately, nothing in life is truly perfect, but the Petzl CORAX is pretty close to it.

While this harness has many great features, there is one small negative that certain people should be informed about.

Not Meant For Very Large Individuals

While this is an incredibly comfortable and supportive harness, it's not made for excessively large people. In a pinch, a larger individual could fit into this harness and make a climb, but it wouldn't be very comfortable for them.

Petzl - CORAX, Versatile and Adjustable Harness


This harness was made for mountain climbers, who usually tend to have leaner builds. It’s very rare that a large and husky person would be climbing rock faces in the first place, but in the rare occasion that one did, they should probably look at a harness that is specially made for people of their size.

What Do Others Say?

This is a very highly rated product. On Amazon, most of the buyers have given this a five-star rating, which is almost unheard of when looking at a market as opinionated as hiking gear. The overall consensus is very positive.

People say that they love the comfort that this harness provides, and almost everybody references how adjustable it is. Men who have larger waists can fit into it just fine, and then pass it along to their skinny-waisted girlfriend.


The Petzl CORAX was made by climbers, for climbers. That's why it's the best on the market. Every small detail was thought about, and extreme attention was paid to every single detail during development. Whether you're a new climber or an experienced veteran, this harness is great for everybody!

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