Outdoor Research Air Brake Climbing Gloves Review

Outdoor Research Air Brake Climbing Gloves Review

Finding the right pair of climbing gloves can often seem like a difficult task, especially if you are buying them online. While online retailers give you a far wider variety of options when it comes to finding the right gloves, you do not get a chance to try on the gloves, so you have to rely on reviews.

Outdoor Research Air Brake Gloves

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In this review, we will be looking at the Air Brake climbing gloves, made by Outdoor Research. These gloves feature excellent flexibility for climbers who would like a wider range of motion as they climb.

About The Product

Outdoor Research is a company which specializes in outdoor products, but these gloves are still an excellent choice for indoor bouldering. Thanks to their somewhat unique design, they manage to be both durable and flexible, something which is typically impossible due to these traits often being mutually exclusive.


  • Gloves are made of 95% polyester
  • Palm features leather padding for added strength
  • ​Gloves feature perforations for breathability
  • Gloves are made of quick dry material
  • Palms feature gel padding for added comfort
Outdoor Research Air Brake Gloves


There are many aspects that we love about these gloves. For example, they are much more durable than your typical pair of gloves thanks to leather padding which is positioned on the palm. Since the palm is often the part of the glove which gets the most wear and tear while you are climbing, this makes them ideal for bouldering.

Thanks to their durability, these gloves should last you quite some time. They are also very comfortable, especially when used for extended periods of time thanks to their highly breathable design. This keeps your hands and fingers from getting uncomfortably hot if you are bouldering in a venue without air conditioning.

Outdoor Research Air Brake Gloves

Finally, these gloves also have a superior flexibility to much of the competition thanks to their polyester construction. While this may not seem like the type of material to offer good flexibility, these gloves were well designed for such an aspect.


Regarding cons, we have to take issue with these gloves when it comes to sizing. These gloves are available from the sizes of small to extra large, so they are not available for climbers with smaller hands. This makes it hard to find a pair that fits if you are of small stature.

Buying Advice

Air Brake climbing gloves can be found for about 40 to 55 dollars, depending on the size that you choose. They can be found on most online retailers such as Amazon as well as in sporting goods stores countrywide.


If you are looking for gloves that are versatile without sacrificing durability, you have found the right pair. The Outdoor Research Air Brake climbing gloves are an excellent choice that is slightly more expensive than competing models, but a good deal more effective.

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