Indoor Rock Climbing Vs. Outdoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing Vs. Outdoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an incredibly versatile sport thanks to the great degree of variety that is available when you are choosing how you wish to work out. This extends to far more than a mere choice of venue.

You can decide on the best climbing technique that you can use as well as the climbing course you choose to undertake, as they all have varying degrees of difficulty.

However, few aspects will have as great of an effect on your climbing experiences as when it comes to a decision between outdoor climbing vs. indoor climbing. The battle between indoor rock climbing vs. indoor is one which has been debated for quite some time, and we will give some insight over the course of this article.

Indoor Rock Climbing

The difference between outdoor and indoor climbing cannot be described in one word or one sentence. Many aspects go towards making them almost entirely different disciplines if not completely different sports. Indoor rock climbing is typically far safer, but this has more effects than what would at first be evident.


Seeing as how indoor rock climbing is safer than outdoor rock climbing, it is the best option for beginner climbers who are not entirely sure of their skill level. It also provides a controlled environment in which you can perfect your technique before you go out onto an outdoor course and potentially injure yourself.

Indoor rock climbing is also much less demanding on your hands since the handholds are made of plastic, and they are designed not to hurt your fingers. This helps you get your fingers used to climbing, as outdoor climbing can take a toll on your fingers before you grow calluses.

Outdoor Rock Climbing

When it comes to outdoor rock climbing, it is a whole different world.

You will find that outdoor rock climbing takes place in a much less controlled environment.

This makes the experience far more dangerous, but it also doubles the amount of effort you put into it thanks to the adrenaline that courses through your veins.

Most rock climbers will say that outdoor rock climbing is incomparable to indoor climbing simply thanks to the element of danger which is present.

Outdoor Rock Climbing

Along with increasing the amount of cortisone in your system, it pushes you to achieve more as you know that you are in danger.

You must also consider that you will be using a lot more equipment when you are rock climbing outdoors, from climbing chalk to anchors and other devices to keep yourself safe. Outdoor rock climbing is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.


In conclusion, outdoor rock climbing will typically push you to greater lengths thanks to the increased risk it guarantees.

Indoor climbing, on the other hand, is safer for practice and for beginners, as well as not being susceptible to the weather or other uncontrollable conditions. As always, if there are any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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