Black Diamond Vario Harness Review

Black Diamond Vario Harness Review

We're climbers. We see thousands upon thousands of various brands and gear cross our desk. Only a select few are worth writing about, however. Unfortunately, as rock climbing has exploded in popularity so has the number of manufacturers who sell products that are cheap, dangerous, and cut every corner in the book.

When you’re hanging by a rope, half a mile above sea level you don’t want to question whether your harness is safe or not. You don’t want to have a single doubt about your hiking gear when every second of your life depends on it.

Before you even walk out of your front door and get in your car, you need to have complete confidence and trust in both yourself and your gear.

Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness


When climbers die or get injured, 75% of the time it’s because of a lack of confidence, or because of cheap gear. Purchasing high-quality gear will give you confidence, and every speck of confidence you have while engaging in this dangerous sport is priceless.

That's why today we want to show you the Black Diamond Vario. This is the ultimate speed harness, and it can be used in just about any environment known to man. You can don this harness in under 30 seconds, and it's so comfortable that you'll probably want to wear it to bed at night.

This product really shook us up in a good way, and because of this, we felt the need to show it to our loyal followers. While this makes a great first harness, it's also an excellent addition to any hiker's arsenal of tools, gear, and harnesses. Let's check it out!

About The Product

Like we said, most harnesses that come across our desk for review are not even worth looking at, much less trying. As soon as we saw this stripped down, lightweight harness we got excited. Here’s what we love most about the Black Diamond Vario!


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    Sturdy nylon construction
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    Easy-to-adjust leg loops
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    Nylon webbing evenly distributes weight
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    Incredibly lightweight
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    Great for the gym or the outdoors

High-Quality Construction

As soon as you take this harness out of the box and feel it, you'll know that you're in good hands. Every strap is stitched together and can withstand even the roughest environments. You could be dangling from a cliff-side two thousand feet up in the air. The sharp rocks could be scraping up your harness all day, and you wouldn't have to worry about a thing.

Cheap harnesses will leave you in fear for your life the whole climb. Why would you trust your money to a product that was designed to let you down (literally)? When picking out a harness, you want to look for the highest-quality construction that you find.

Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness


The Black Diamond Vario is built from a nylon fabric that's as lightweight as it is durable. You could put this harness through hell and back, and it would still be worth taking back up the mountain.

The Vario’s high-quality construction also ensures its durability. Cheap harnesses will only last you a year or two. This climbing harness is sure to last you at least three, and if well-cared for, it will serve you well for more than five years.

Super Lightweight

The stripped-down design of the Black Diamond Vario is what immediately caught our eyes. Most climbing harnesses try to show off by adding extra straps, more loops, and a bunch of other things that you really don't need. While it's flashy, it can also get in your way. All the extra straps can get tangled up and make for a very aggravating climb.

The Vario has none of these extra frills. Simply put it on, and you're ready to get moving. The light design also makes this a great option for gym climbing. In a gym you do not need a bunch of extras, you're just trying to make your practice session safer and more realistic.

Great Weight Distribution

When you're climbing, you don't want straps digging into your legs and back causing you pain and discomfort. You want your harness to feel like it's a second skin like it was meant to be on you. The Black Diamond Vario is very comfortable because it evenly distributes your weight across the webbed straps.

The Downsides Of This Harness

The Black Diamond Vario is a great option for those who want a stripped-down, lightweight climbing harness, but this design does have a couple of drawbacks that are worth taking note of.

This is an excellent harness for the gym or for hiking smaller environments or for practicing in the gym. It's not so good if you're trying to climb a massive mountain. This is mainly because of the lack of extra gear loops.

When you're going to spend hours climbing up a cliffside, then you're going to need the extra gear. You're going to need extra ropes, clips, and water bottles.

It’s also not meant to hold you up in the air for a long time. The Vario is very comfortable if you’re just going to be hiking around for a few hours, but if you’re going to be hanging in the saddle and climbing thousands of feet in the air, then you might want to choose a product with a little bit more support.

What Do The People Say?

For obvious reasons, the Black Diamond Vario is a very highly reviewed climbing harness. On Amazon, most of the buyers give it four and five stars. It's well-trusted by all hikers.

Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness


People love the safety that its high-quality construction provides.

They also love the stripped-down design. Even experienced mountain climbers and alpinists say that the Vario is the perfect harness for the gym and for their lighter hikes because it’s not as heavy and cumbersome.


If you’re looking for the best lightweight harness on the market, then the Black Diamond Vario is the best choice for you. Whether you’re just beginning your journey as a mountain climber or you’re a veteran mountaineer, you’ll find something to love about his harness.

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