Black Diamond Primrose Harness Review

Black Diamond Primrose Harness Review

Black Diamond Primrose Women's Harness


Around $39-$66 - Available on


Snythetic material, Woman specific, Haul loop


Must take exactly measurements


The women-specific harness gives climbers of any discipline the same comfort, ventilation, and durability.

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When you’re passionate about climbing as much as the average outdoor enthusiast, you know that your gear is the most important thing you have. For climbers, your harness is what makes you feel safe and prevents any real damage from going wrong, should the worst happen, and so it’s a product that you put a lot of trust in.

In the case of women climbers though, the market for quality harnesses built to their specific needs seems quite limited. There are some made for women and other unisex fits that claim to know their target market but don’t offer comfort and support when it’s needed most, and ultimately it can be enough to put you off from your favorite hobby.

If you’re a woman who loves nothing more than to climb but feel like you’ve been let down by gear that didn’t really “get” you and your needs, there’s no need to feel this way anymore.

What you need is a reputable brand that knows exactly what’s required to make you comfortable and supported so you can get just as much enjoyment out of your favorite hobby as you should.

Black Diamond is such a brand and they have 60 years of experience making climbing gear that actually did what it was meant to. Their Primrose harness has been made specifically for women and we’re going to find out just what sets them apart from so many that have failed in the market.

About The Product

Black DIamond Logo

The Black Diamond brand was launched in 1957 when the original owners were selling handmade climbing gear out of the trunk of their car. This dedication to quality hasn’t slowed down, and with the wonders of technology and research, they’ve only gotten better at making all kinds of climbing gear.

Black Diamond’s Primrose women’s harness is an example of how much they know and their commitment to making women feel protected and secure as well. As their most popular product for all-around climbers who want an easy to use harness, it’s got a special time-saving design with multiple parts that fit together seamlessly.

For female climbers who want an all-rounder harness, there aren’t many on the market that are as well loved. When you choose the Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Harness, these are some of the features you’ll get:

  • Speed Adjust waistbelt buckle to prevent error and save time;
  • Haul loop;
  • Dual Core Construction used on the bullhorn-shaped waistbelt;
  • Rear elastic riser with adjustability;
  • Patented trakFIT adjustment for leg loops;
  • Pressure-molded gear loops;
  • Suitable for all types of weather and styles of climbing;

This is the ideal harness for those who like to climb regularly and don’t want to be defined by their gear. Thanks to the TrakFIT loops on the legs, you’ll be just as comfortable on a hot summer’s day as you could on a cold one, and it’s got all of the adjustability you need to make it work.

What Others Say

Comfort is the number one benefit that this harness offers, and there are plenty of happy customers who can’t believe just how good a harness finally feels.

If you’ve always put up with something subpar that was uncomfortable, hard to adjust, or pinched you as you walked and climbed, none of those things with happen when you’re wearing the Black Diamond harness.

One thing that makes this such a standout is that it suits all shapes and sizes of women and not just one. This can be hard to find with other brands and those who are extra petite or larger than average won’t get a comfortable fit with standard harnesses.

The Black Diamond Primrose is an all-rounder harness not just for climbing but women as well, coming in a range of sizes to suit your need.

In regards to the size though, you’ll have to check the measurements exactly against yourself as there have been some customers who didn’t get a perfect fit. Obviously, you can exchange it for the right size, but the shipping costs will be your own to pay for, so really pay attention to the sizing and don’t just guess.

Buying Advice

Wearing Women Harness

Black Diamond sells their gear in outdoor and adventure stores across America, but to get the best price you can head to Amazon to see what they offer. Currently, the Black Diamond Primrose Harness costs just under $40 for the smaller size and up to around $65 for the largest size.

Amazon will cover the costs of shipping when you purchase through them, and if you’re one of the lucky Amazon Prime members this means free express shipping. Within just 48 hours of ordering, you could be enjoying your Primrose harness without having to pay a thing for freight.

The sizes on offer by Black Diamond are extra small through to large, but as some reviewers have said they misjudged the size and so it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines specifically. Black Diamond does accept returns, but you’ll have to pay for the shipping if you need to send it back and get a new one.

There’s very little information on the warranty offered by Primrose Harness, so we can only assume it’s covered with the rest of their gear in a three-year limited warranty. However, you’ll have to check whatever documentation comes with the harness when you receive it.

The Verdict

If you’ve been searching for an all-round harness made specifically for women, there’s nothing better than the Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Harness. This harness offers comfort and ease of use, which are two things that everyone needs when they’re out climbing or exploring the great outdoors.

Black Diamond are leaders when it comes to making climbing gear and this specific harness proves that a million times over. To get yourself the Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Harness and experience what quality feels like, click here to grab one today.

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