Black Diamond Dirt Bag Climbing Gloves Review

Black Diamond Dirt Bag Climbing Gloves Review

You have a choice of glove style when you are bouldering. You can opt for open fingered gloves or fully fingered gloves. This is often a choice that depends on the wearer and their needs. If you need better manual dexterity and feel, you will find that open fingered gloves are the best choice.

Black Diamond Dirt Bag Climbing Gloves


On the other hand, closed fingered gloves are a better choice if you would like to avoid any potential finger injuries from cuts or scratches. Today we will be looking at some closed fingered gloves, the Black Diamond Dirt Bag.

About The Product

The Dirt Bag climbing gloves are made by Black Diamond, one of the more prolific manufacturers of affordable climbing gloves. These gloves are a slighter higher end product than many of their other option, as evidenced by their goatskin construction.


  • Closed fingered design protects your fingers while climbing
  • Gloves are made of goatskin leather
  • ​Gloves are water resistant
  • ​Gloves feature 100g fleece lining for comfort
  • Gloves feature a knitted cuff
Black Diamond Dirt Bag Climbing Gloves



These gloves feature many aspects that we rather enjoyed. The goatskin leather construction is the first thing that comes to mind. Thanks to this material, these gloves manage to be both flexible and durable. While goatskin does sacrifice a little bit of breathability, it makes them a better choice when bouldering in cooler venues.

Another aspect which helps keep your hands warm is the fleece lining, which also contributes to the high level of comfort that these gloves feature. Unlike many leather gloves, these are also water resistant, so you don't have to worry about them getting ruined if they are accidentally exposed to water.

Black Diamond Dirt Bag Climbing Gloves


We also liked how easy these gloves were to break in. While some may have issues with the sizing due to the gloves running small, they are very easy to break in comfortably. They do not require an overly lengthy break in period like many other similarly priced options.


Unfortunately, these gloves suffer from one annoying issue. On the one hand, they are slightly less durable than much of the competition due to their relative lack of additional reinforcement. We would not recommend these gloves for intense climbing activities that will abrade them rather quickly.

Buying Advice

Black Diamond Dirt Bag gloves can be found online in price range of 30 to 45 dollars, depending on the size that you decide to purchase. The best option for purchasing them will typically be online from websites like Amazon.


When it comes to gloves for bouldering, it helps to find the best product so that you will have a far more enjoyable climbing experience. The Black Diamon Dirt Bag climbing gloves are one of the best options you have at your disposal for bouldering as long as they aren't exposed to too much abuse.

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