The Definitive Guide To Getting The Best Climbing Shoes Possible

The Definitive Guide To Getting The Best Climbing Shoes Possible

There is a lot of gear that you will need with you when you are climbing, and each of those pieces of equipment is important. You may be trusting your safety or even your life in your climbing equipment, so you will want to make sure that it is of the best quality.

Today, we are going to be looking at the best climbing shoes on the market and providing our thoughts on them. We are going to take a look at five pairs of climbing shoes, three pairs for men, one pair for women, and one pair for children so that everyone can find the best shoes for their needs.

Since different customers will have varying needs, you will find that the best rock climbing shoes for one person will not be the ideal pair for someone else. This is why we have decided to include five different climbing shoes in this review guide, so we can ensure that we review at least one pair for everybody.

Climbing with climbing shoes.

While we understand that you may be itching to get to the reviews, we are going to go over some things you should consider before you make your purchase. The first thing we are going to look at is a few of the reasons why you should put a good deal of thought into your purchase and endeavor to get the best climbing shoes possible.

After we have taken a look at some of the reasons why you will want to ensure that you get the best climbing shoes possible, we will move on to some of the things to search for in them. Of course, if you would rather get directly to our reviews, feel free to skip ahead, but the subsequent sections could help you make your purchase.

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Why You Should Choose Your Rock Climbing Shoes Carefully

There are many reasons why you will want to pay close attention to the rock climbing shoes that you are buying. Regardless of whether you are investing in bouldering shoes or you are looking for the best climbing shoes for beginners, you will find that it is highly important to get top quality shoes.

One of the many reasons why you will want to find the best climbing shoes possible is because they can significantly improve your climbing experience. While the quality of your rock climbing experience will largely be dictated by your level of skill in the discipline, you will find that your equipment will help too.

For example, you will find it hard to go rock climbing if your shoes are uncomfortable and always blister your feet. Better rock climbing shoes will also have a better level of grip, so you will have less difficulty while you use them. If you are looking for an easy way to improve your climbing, a good pair of climbing shoes is the best place to start.

There is also the fact that you rely on your climbing equipment to guarantee your safety while you are climbing. If your gear unexpectedly fails on you while you are in the middle of a climb, you may end up injured. In a sport like rock climbing, you will want to avoid any risks which can be prevented.

Women's rock climbing shoes.

There is another reason why you would want to ensure that you get the best climbing shoes possible. Depending on how long you plan to use your climbing shoes, you will find that better shoes will last you for a more reasonable time period. If you consider climbing shoes to be a short-term investment, this will be less important for you.

Keep in mind that some climbing shoes will be more of an investment than the others, so you will want them to last longer. If you end up purchasing a 150 dollar pair of shoes and they only last you for a couple of months worth of climbing, you may end up having wasted your money.

The best climbing shoes will usually come included with many features that can help you climb better, but they can also be more versatile. You will find that high-quality climbing shoes can be used in several different climbing disciplines. Some shoes may be ideal for bouldering and mountain climbing thanks to a more versatile design.

There are also many different types of specialized climbing shoes, so you will have to put a good deal of research into getting the best climbing shoes for your needs. For example, some of them will be the best beginner climbing shoes, and some climbing shoes will be ideal for more advanced users.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Climbing Shoes

Before choosing your new shoes, there are several things you should take into consideration.


You should consider the material that your climbing shoes are made out of when you are trying to find the ideal pair. The material used in the construction of your climbing shoes will determine whether or not they are a good option for your needs.

Your climbing shoes will have varying characteristics depending on their material that they are made out of. Some materials will be better suited for more casual climbing, while others will be a better option for those of us who climb more often.

Some shoes will be made out of leather, which may seem like a bit of an old-fashioned choice, but you will find that it can be more durable and flexible than other materials. Leather requires a little more maintenance than other types of climbing shoes if you want to ensure that they last you long enough.

Synthetic materials, when used in your climbing shoes, will tend to require a bit less upkeep, and they are a better choice for more casual rock climbers. Synthetics are a better option for those who want a pair of climbing shoes that are more affordable.


The size of your climbing shoes should also be taken into consideration before making your purchase. Depending on how you choose to buy your climbing shoes, you will find that it is either easier or harder to size them appropriately. For example, when purchasing online, you will have to ensure that you consult the sizing chart.

Proper sizing when purchasing online depends on the manner in which you measure the size of your feet and compare it to the available sizing chart. If you plan to buy your shoes in person, it becomes a lot easier for you to ensure that they are sized correctly, all you have to do is try them on.

Different rock climbing shoes.

Sizing is one of the most important aspects of a great pair of climbing shoes. If you have a pair that is improperly sized, you will find that your feet can easily get blistered in addition to the simple discomfort of wearing shoes that don’t fit you.

Another aspect of ensuring that you have shoes which are sized correctly is safety. You will find that poorly sized shoes can end up being rather unsafe, as they may fall off of your feet while you are climbing, so you may have to complete the rest of your climb barefoot.

Type Of Climbing

The discipline of climbing that you prefer to engage in will affect the pair of shoes that you choose to invest in. Bouldering shoes will be better suited for the smaller footholds that you may find while bouldering, so they will have a smaller to make it easier to get a grip on more challenging surfaces.

If you plan to go mountain climbing, you will find that it is integral to invest in climbing shoes that are sufficiently durable. If you plan on using your climbing shoes outdoors, you will find that you need a large amount of durability to withstand the elements and the conditions that you will find outside.

This is perhaps the most important consideration to make. If you are using shoes that are optimized for indoor use on mountains and other outdoor obstacles, they will quickly degrade. Indoor climbing shoes should be better suited for the softer climbing surfaces that you will come across when you are indoors.

Rock Climbing Grade

The grade of a hill defines the steepness, so a hill with a higher degree of a grade will be harder to climb. If you are going to be climbing a hill that is much steeper, you want to try and fit your shoes to the incline so that you can have the best footing.

Before making your climbing shoe purchase, you will have to examine the grade of the hill that you will be climbing. Shoes that are meant to climb gentle hills are much more akin to trail hiking shoes than dedicated climbing shoes.

If you hope to climb cliffs and mountainsides, you will find that more specialized shoes are ideal. Keep in mind that the more specialized the shoe, the more money you will have to be prepared to spend.

Our Recommendations

Before buying your own climbing shoes, check out our recommendation for the best ones on the market. 

Best Men’s Climbing Shoes

Winner - La Sportiva TarantuLace Men’s Rock Climbing Shoe


  • Features a quick lacing system for a better fit
  • Includes FriXion RS soles for better grip while you are climbing
  • The asymmetric design helps keep your toes protected while you climb
  • Features a more aggressively designed heel for better purchase
  • Features a thinner sole for greater feel
  • Features a synthetic overlay for more durability
  • Features a lined tongue for better absorption and comfort

These La Sportiva climbing shoes are one of the best options you have if you are trying to ensure that you can climb with comfort and ease. The inclusion of the TarantuLace quick lacing system ensures that you don’t have to worry about your laces coming loose while you are in the middle of a climb.

The FriXion RS soles on these shoes ensure that you don’t have to worry about suddenly losing grip during your climb, which can result in a dangerous situation. When combined with the thin design of the sole, you can get a better feel for the wall that you are climbing and keep yourself in position without too much difficulty.

La Sportiva Men's TarantuLace Rock Climbing Shoe


Our Rating

These shoes are much more comfortable than much of the competition, which ensures that you will be able to use them for multiple climbs in a relatively short span of time. If you are a prolific climber, this shoe will ensure that you don’t end up with blisters or aches in your feet after quite a few climbs.

The inclusion of an asymmetric toe box means that you won’t easily injure your toes, even if you end up slipping, which is something that is more common than some climbers would like to think. These are certainly the best climbing shoes that you will come across if you are a man, and they are also quite affordable.

Runner Up - evolv Shaman Men’s Climbing Shoe


  • These shoes feature a synthetic body which allows for greater durability
  • These shoes are optimized for bouldering and steeper mountain climbs
  • Features a downturned design which ensures that you can get a better toehold
  • The toebox of these shoes features an asymmetric design for better protection
  • These shoes use high friction rubber which is both durable and grippy
  • There is a high friction toe patch for superior grip
  • Features a toe rand with variable thickness

These climbing shoes from evolv are one of the best models we have come across. These shoes are a little more expensive than the previous La Sportiva climbing shoes, but you will find that they are superior to them in terms of durability. This is due to the higher quality rubber which is used in their construction.

For example, the inclusion of a variable thickness toe rand ensures that you will have parts which are durable enough to withstand heavy use, but some parts are thin for greater feel. When combined with the high friction toe patch, you will always be able to get a suitable toehold.

evolv Men's Shaman Climbing Shoe


Our Rating

The high friction toe patch isn’t the only part of these shoes that is made out of high friction rubber, in fact, the whole sole features high friction rubber mixed in. The downturned toe design makes it so that it is easier to get a toehold in the wall you are climbing, especially when the toeholds are smaller.

The synthetic material that these shoes are made out of is sufficiently flexible for a comfortable fit, but it is also highly durable, so there is no need to worry about your shoes breaking on you. If you are willing to spend a little bit more on your climbing shoes and you want a high-quality design, this is the best option that you have.

Alternative - Five Ten Anasazi VCS Men’s Climbing Shoe


  • Features a synthetic body which makes for superior durability
  • The grippy rubber sole allows you to get a good foothold on your chosen surface
  • Features a velcro closure with two strands for an excellent fit
  • The asymmetric toe box prevents your feet if you slip
  • Features a high level of heel tension which keeps your ankle protected
  • Features a stealth outsole with a low profile
  • Available in a choice of two colors: blue and tan

These Five Ten climbing shoes are one of our favorite models for their combination of simplicity and effectiveness. You will find that the rubber sole allows you to gain purchase on even the most challenging of surfaces. As with most useful climbing shoes, the sole material significantly contributes to their effectiveness.

These shoes are also more durable than much of the competition thanks to their mostly synthetic upper. This cuts down on the amount of maintenance you have to do, and it also ensures that you will be able to use these climbing shoes for far longer than you would otherwise be able to.

Five Ten Men's Anasazi VCS Climbing Shoe


Our Rating

While the velcro closure may not seem like the best system, you will find that it is both simple and secure, so there is not much of an issue. As with most of the other shoes on this list, this pair features an asymmetric toe box, which ensures that you will not be at a huge risk of injury while you climb.

The sole of these Five Ten shoes is a little stiffer than the sole which you will find on some of the other models you come across. This makes it a little harder to get a good feel for your climbing surface, but you will find that it provides more protection for your feet so you can be less sore after a long climb.

Best Women’s Climbing Shoes

Winner - La Sportiva TarantuLace Women’s Performance Rock Climbing Shoe


  • Features the TarantuLace system which makes lacing these shoes up a breeze
  • Features a leather upper for greater flexibility
  • Features FriXion RS soles for a much more secure grip when climbing
  • Features an RN45 asymmetric toe box to keep your toes safe
  • Features a LaspoFlex midsole for superior flexibility
  • Comes in a choice of two colors: coral and turquoise

As with the best men's shoes, you will find that La Sportiva's TarantuLace model is the best option for women as well. These shoes are simply the most versatile that you will come across since they are capable of tackling all sorts of different hills, if you are a climber who likes varied climbing styles, these are ideal.

For example, these shoes are equally adept at bouldering as well as longer climbs because they don’t tend to get as uncomfortable as other shoes after a good period of use. You will find the sole is made out of several materials, which ensures, each of which is dedicated to either flexibility or grip.

La Sportiva Women’s TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe


Our Rating

For example, the part of the sole that is made out of FriXion RS rubber ensures that you can get all the grip that you need while you are climbing. The LaspoFlex part of your sole, on the other hand, ensures that your shoes can flex adequately to provide you sufficient comfort over the course of a climb.

These shoes go a long way towards reducing the amount of pain you feel in your feet after a climb. Most cheaper climbing shoes can be reasonably effective, but they will still end up making your feet hurt after a climb, which reduces their effectiveness to a certain extent.

Best Children’s Rock Climbing Shoes

Winner - Mad Rock Kids' Mad Monkey Climbing Shoe


  • Features a leather upper for better flexibility
  • Features a rubber sole for both durability and superior grip
  • Features a softer midsole for improved flexibility
  • Features a velcro fastener closure system
  • These shoes are ideal for several different types of rock climbing

If you want the best climbing shoes for your kids, you have few better options than the Mad Monkey climbing shoes. There are few types of climbing shoes which are more popular than these if you are searching exclusively for products that are intended for children’s use.

The reason for which these shoes are so popular is a combination of superior quality and reasonable pricing. If you are trying to find a quality pair of children’s climbing shoes for a decent price, you will find that these shoes will not scare you away.

Mad Rock Kids' Mad Monkey Climbing Shoe


Our Rating

The leather body allows for sufficient comfort and flexibility while your child climbs, while the rubber sole provides the required amount of grip in some places and flex in other places. The midsole for these shoes is highly flexible, so it may be a little less supportive than other models.

The velcro fastener makes this pair of climbing shoes easy to adjust for children, so you won’t have to keep helping your child put their shoes on. These shoes are also very versatile, as they can be used for bouldering, crack climbing, and many other different kinds of climbing.


If you need the best climbing shoes around, this list should point you right toward them. We hope that our reviews have helped you make a decision. We thank you for your time and encourage you to leave a comment below.

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