Best Climbing Holds

Best Climbing Holds: Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

As an outdoor climber, it brings more than joy to pack your rocky mountain climbing gear and launch yourself into the wild. Exploring and climbing walls is an irreplaceable adventure for dedicated climbers.

Even if you’re too busy to go out, there’s no need to worry because the world has got an amazing alternative for you: climbing holds. These climbing holds are rocks with a design to hold onto. So, you can make a personal climbing wall right in your home!

These climbing holds aren’t limited for use amongst adult climbers only. You and the family can learn the art of climbing on them. Indoor climbing gyms also use these holds to make the experience fun-filled.

So, are you ready to purchase the best climbing holds? If so, read more to find your perfect fit!

Reviews of the Best Climbing Holds 

1. TOPNEW Rock Climbing Holds

These TOPNEW Rock Climbing Holds make indoor climbing a lot more fun for beginner climbers. It contains 25 different climbing holds with a variety of angles. Thus, each hold gives you a unique challenge to overcome.

The climbing holds also feature 5-bright colors, which include red, green, blue, brown, and yellow. So, you can create a fun rock climbing wall that attracts both kids and adults. The usage of sturdy plastic resin makes them damage-resistant too. These holds can easily withstand up to 230 pounds of weight.

Plus, they have a non-skid, rough texture for increased traction. More traction means better grip and less slipping. Hence, both young and experienced climbers can practice their climbing style on these holds safely. These climbing holds are also weather resistant. So, they will last a long time.

However, installing the TOPNEW rock climbing holds might not be quick. You will need to create plywood walls with holds inserted in them. On the positive side, the manufacturer provides all the necessary tools in the package. You also get a hexagon wrench to fasten up those bolts and washers!


  • Multi-colored
  • Durable
  • Non-skid design
  • Can hold up to 230 lbs


  • Takes time to build

All in all, these TOPNEW rock climbing holds are perfect for people who don’t mind spending time on installation. You need to possess some patience and basic skills to get all those bolts in the right places. Other than that, the holds are sturdy and fun to use. 

2. Climbing Monkey Climbing Holds

If you’re one of the advanced climbers looking for a way to transfer some skills to your young ones without sounding like a boring teacher, then these Climbing Monkey Climbing Holds are all that you need!

The Climbing Monkey Climbing Holds come in a pack of 25. You will get a variety of shapes in 5 different colors. These include blue, green, yellow, red, and orange.

You can use these holds to build creative routes for your kids to learn and explore. Each rock climbing hold has smaller dimensions too, which makes gripping for small hands easier.

What’s more, these holds have a weather-resistant, durable plastic construction. So, your children can play with them roughly anywhere. 

The complete hardware included in the package also makes installation simple. In case you feel dissatisfied with anything after purchase, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee.


  • Best for kids
  • Sturdy
  • Offer an excellent grip
  • Money back guarantee


  • Slightly dull colors

To conclude, these Climbing Monkey Climbing Holds are your best bet for children and beginners. Their peculiar shape makes them perfect for creative routes and offers learners with a challenge. 

3. SSBRIGHT Multi-Colored Large Rock Climbing Holds

The SSBRIGHT Multi-Colored Large Rock Climbing Holds Set offers an exciting and thrilling indoor climbing experience! These rock holds have a well-thought-out design that optimizes the activity for a safe and quality climb experience.

The angled and textured holds offer a firm control. You or your young ones won't come across any variation in grip. Now you can climb the high walls and harder routes without the fear of falling.

Furthermore, each climbing hold can withstand a total load of 440 pounds. So, everyone can enjoy playing on them. You don’t need to invest much time on installation as well. These rocky mountain climbing holds come with all the required tools and hardware. 

However, please note that the washers and bolts aren’t stainless steel. Thus, you'll have to take extra care of them. 


  • Multi-colored
  • Easy-to-grip
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Can hold up to 440 pounds


  • Needs extra care

The SSBRIGHT Multi-Colored Large Rock Climbing Holds are a high-quality option and offer great value for your money. They do require slight care, but, if you don’t mind maintenance, this set is perfect!

4. Newtion Multi-Colored Rock Climbing Holds

The Newtion Multi-Colored Rock Climbing Holds take the game to another level by offering 30 holds in a single set. That’s 5 more climbing holds than the competitors! You can use these to create complete jungle gyms for your loved ones to have fun and enjoy.

Each climbing hold features a high-quality plastic resin build, which means that it’s resistant to all types of damage. Be it the weather or intense force, these rock climbing holds are sure to last.

They can hold up to 220 pounds of weight easily. Plus, they have a rough texture that’s not harsh on the skin. However, this set might not be as easy to install since it doesn’t come with any hardware tools.


  • Multi-colored
  • Great quantity
  • Durable
  • Can hold up to 220 pounds


  • Doesn’t come with the required hardware

All in all, if making a run or two to the hardware store isn’t a big deal for you, then these Newtion Multi-Colored Rock Climbing Holds are the perfect find.

5. BABY FUN Rock Climbing Holds

The BABY FUN Rock Climbing Holds are just what they sound like: fun and attractive for creating an adventurous indoor or outdoor climbing wall for kids!

This set includes a variety of shapes in a variety of sizes. So, you will have a lot of unique stuff to work with in-wall creation. Plus, each hold has a unique marbled design to keep your children engaged for hours.

These holds feature a premium grade polyester build that enables them to hold up to 400 pounds. So, both adults and kids can climb on them easily. However, since these holds have smaller dimensions, it might be best to use them only for children.

The polyester design also includes resin that gives the holds a rough texture. Hence, the grip on these climbing holds remains firm and comfortable. 


  • Easy to install
  • Good grip strength
  • Can hold up to 400 pounds
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not for adults

The BABY FUN Rock Climbing Holds are sturdy, fun-filled climbing rocks for children. The manufacturer also backs your purchase with a lifetime warranty!

Features to Consider When Purchasing the Best Climbing Holds

Above, we mentioned the top-rated climbing holds. However, there's a wide variety still left to explore and unravel. When purchasing rock climbing holds, make sure to consider the following 3 factors.

Shape & Color

The fundamental purpose of climbing rocks is to climb and play. But, children and even some adults, engage with activities more that look fun and appealing. 

That being said, you will come across a diversity of shapes, like angular and hexagonal. The holds will also be available in various colors and sizes.

Weight Capacity

Since you're holding onto these grips to climb, it’s important to know their weight-bearing capacity. Otherwise, you might end up breaking the holds or even getting injured in the process. 

Usually, standard climbing holds can withstand a load of up to 300 pounds. But, you may even find some products can hold up to 500 pounds. 

Build Quality

Apart from weight capacity, the materials used in the climbing holds also contribute to durability. You need to choose ones made from high-quality materials, such as polyester or resin. Don’t opt for cheap plastics that might develop cracks or scratches.

Best Climbing Hold Brands


TOPNEW is a relatively new yet competitive company that manufactures climbing gear accessories and other items. You can find them operating mainly through Amazon. 


Similar to TOPNEW, the Newtion manufacturer is also new to the industry of climbing holds. However, their premium-quality and affordable rates have pushed them amongst the top sellers on Amazon.


BABYFUN is a reputable Chinese company that has been operating in the industry for quite a long time. They specialize in creating high-quality baby toys.


How Many Climbing Holds on a Home Wall?

You can have as many climbing holds as you desire. However, a good rule is to have one to two holds per square foot of the wall. 

How Thick Should Plywood Be for a Climbing Wall?

The minimum thickness for a plywood wall is 2 centimeters. But, you can increase it depending on your preferences. A thicker wall will ensure more safety. 

How Long Does the Climbing Hold Last?

Typically, a stone climbing hold lasts a lifetime. However, the standard resin climbing holds available on the market have a limited span. They can last around 3 to 4 years before experiencing damage.

Wrap Up

There's no denying that a climbing hold is all you need to make your indoor life ten times more fun-filled. You don’t need to worry about the weather or pack complete gear. Just get on those holds with your family and have fun!

Now that you know about some of the best climbing holds available today, please feel free to check out our best climbing harness article to double up the enjoyment!