Best Climbing Chalk

Best Climbing Chalk: Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

Whether it’s outdoor or indoor climbing, having the best climbing chalks in your arsenal can be game-changing. Read on to find out why!

Well, rock climbing chalk is a crucial tool that takes up little space in a rock climber's bag. The loose chalk powder, when rubbed against sweaty hands, makes them dry. By using it, you no longer have to pause and wipe your hands during climbing sessions. 

Plus, the loose chalk powder increases the traction in your hands and prevents you from falling. Instead of sweaty hands, you will have dry hands that grip the rocks firmly and comfortably. 

Below, we’ll unravel the reviews of the top-rated climbing chalks along with a complete guide!

Reviews of the Best Climbing Chalks

1. Friction Labs Premium Sports Chalk

If you do not have budget limitations, then this Friction Labs Premium Sports Chalk will work wonders. It excels at providing a strong grip and increasing sweat absorption. So, you won't have to worry about slipping at all!

The Friction Labs loose powder comes in sealable blue chalk bags for easy storage. There will be a determined gorilla printed on the packaging that indicates the strength of the powder. The gorilla also indicates that the packet contains chunkier chalk. For example, another Friction Labs Unicorn Dust Chalk product showcases a unicorn on the front of the package to indicate a fine chalk texture. 

There are no other ingredients, like silica, pigment, and artificial drying agents. This makes Friction Labs chalk suitable for sensitive skin. Also, the purity ensures that you don't have to use bulks of loose powder in a single go.   


  • Offers a good grip
  • Chunky chalk
  • Safe for hands 
  • Easy to store 


  • A bit expensive 

All in all, the Friction Labs Premium Sports Chalk is slightly more expensive than natural chalk. But, the strong strength and purity are worth the money! 

2. Chalk Ness Monster Gym Chalk

You don't need to purchase dedicated rock climbing chalk to make the most out of your climbing sessions. The Chalk Ness Monster Gym Chalk is a perfect match for both weight lifting and rock climbing.

It features 8-blocks (2oz each) of original and pure magnesium carbonate. So, you get the years-long supply of chalk powder to use as you like! Since each block chalk contains only magnesium carbonate, you can expect to see no side effects. It will also keep your hands dry while improving your grip. 

Now, you can climb rocks and lift weights without the fear of slipping!

Perhaps the only drawback of the Chalk Ness Monster Gym Chalk is the packaging. The chalk company has hardly made efforts to keep the chalk blocks safe. There is no divider or proper casing to prevent crumbling. 

That being said, you might receive powdered and crumbled chalk. However, it's easy to resolve the issue by crumbling the complete blocks to form powdery chalk and storing it in jars.


  • Good quantity 
  • Pure ingredient chalk
  • Easy on hands
  • Allows a firm grip


  • Unimpressive packaging 

To conclude, the Chalk Ness Monster Gym Chalk is an excellent choice if you do not mind the state of chalk. The bulk supply of high-quality chalk makes this a great, affordable option!

3. Matawi Yunek Loose Chalk

The Matawi Yunek Loose Chalk features a 400g large supply of chunky chalk powder. Using this packet, you don't have to purchase chalk powder again and again. A single package will last you considerably long for both occasional and experienced climbers. 

What's more, the Matawi Yunek Loose Chalk has a pure and non-toxic composition. It includes only magnesium carbonate and nothing else. So, you can rest assured you’ll be safe if you have any skin issues. 

This chalk powder has also undergone rigorous third-party testing and verification to ensure safe usage. It will maintain an appropriate balance of sweat and dryness. Thus, your hands won't slip, nor will they experience dehydration. 

You will have excellent grip strength throughout the climbing session. The chalk powder is also beneficial for weight lifters and athletes. However, be aware that this is chunky chalk powder that contains coarse grains, which means that it can be messy.


  • Comes in a large package
  • Firm grip
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Meticulously tested 


  • Not fine 

The Matawi Yunek Loose Chalk might not be the easiest to use. But, it does combine purity, quality, and safety into a single product. It’s certainly a must-buy!

The industry-leading Z ATHLETIC doesn't stand back when it comes to manufacturing premium-grade chalk powder. It offers a versatile and tested chalk block at an affordable price!

This Z ATHLETIC Block Chalk includes solely high-quality magnesium carbonate with no additional agents. It has no pigments or fragrances. Hence, individuals with allergies can use it without worries!

It comes in a cotton sock as well. So, you can either use it directly or pat it against the hands. However, if you want a more convenient application, toss it in a ziplock bag or jar and shake it until it crumbles. 

Moreover, the Z ATHLETIC Block Chalk comes in a 1lb as well as 2oz pack. You can choose the size depending on your climbing frequency.


  • High-quality 
  • Comes in different sizes 
  • Pigment and fragrance-free 
  • pros


  • NA 

To sum it up, the Z ATHLETIC Block Chalk is an amazing choice for those who seek versatile applications. You can use it as a block, chalk ball, or even crush it into a fine powder. 

5. Belay Pure Magnesium Carbonate Gym Chalk

At a glance, the black aesthetic packaging of the Belay Pure Magnesium Carbonate Gym Chalk will have you stunned. The package not only looks premium, but it feels premium too!

The Belay's resealable pouch contains 8oz of high-grade 8oz chalk powder. It has no other ingredients, which improves the traction offered. You will be using a fine-textured loose powder that has no unhealthy effect on your hands. 

Plus, its laboratory-tested contents ensure the chalk coating remains on the hands for long periods. You won't have to apply it to your hands again and again. Once applied, the Belay Pure Magnesium Carbonate Gym Chalk offers a good grip. You won't have to worry about slipping or losing control on boulders easily. 

With this chalk, you also won’t have to worry about getting as many calluses on your hands!

However, this seemingly aesthetic packaging is not ergonomic at all. Users have frequently reported the packet making a mess whenever they use the stiff opening. You can resolve this issue by placing the powder in a ziplock bag. 


  • Provides excellent grip 
  • Lab-tested
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Not very easy to use   

The Belay Pure Magnesium Carbonate Gym Chalk is great for all climbers, gymnasts, weight lifters, etc. It also comes with a money-back guarantee to secure your purchase.

Features to Consider When Purchasing Climbing Chalk 

Most people hardly pay attention to climbing chalk at the time of purchase. However, this particular tool can either keep you safe during climbing sessions or become the cause of your fall. Here are the four prominent factors to consider when purchasing climbing chalk.

1. Types of Climbing Chalks

All climbing chalks contain the same component: magnesium carbonate. It might also contain additional drying agents. But, other than that, you'll find no other composition.

So, the fundamental categorization in climbing chalks is based on the form. You will come across three forms of chalk. These include:

Loose Chalk

The most commonly-found form is a loose powder. It’s a simple, fine-textured powder that needs no preparation. Just take it in your hands and rub. 

However, if you opt for chunky loose powder, you’ll have to refine it before use. This is because it contains clumps and coarse grains that can make a mess if used directly. 

Block Chalk

As the name indicates, the block chalk is a huge chunk of chalk that you have to rub against your hands. Since it’s bulky, you might not find it the most convenient option for outdoor climbing. 

Liquid Chalk

The liquid chalk combines magnesium carbonate with some alcohol or other wet agent. Once applied, it forms a thick sticky layer on your hands. Shortly after, the alcohol evaporates and leaves behind a chalky residue.

2. Composition

As we mentioned before, rock climbing chalk has both pure and impure compositions. While pure chalk doesn’t require much investigation, the impure chalks may include different artificial drying agents. It’s best to find which agent is present to avoid potential side effects on the skin.

3. Application

The rock climbing chalk is available in various packaging styles that demand different applications. These include:


Liquid chalk comes in ergonomic squeeze bottles. These bottles make it easy to squeeze out the liquid and apply it to your hands while climbing in outdoor terrains.


Chalk bags are simple resealable pouches that contain loose powder. Since these are resealable, you can take out the desired quantity and store the rest in it conveniently.


Chalk balls are balls with porous fabric covering. They pack climbing chalk and let some out when you pat it against your hands. Since these are fillable, that makes them eco-friendly. However, it might take time to achieve a thick coat. 

4. Size & Quantity

You will find all different types of climbing chalk packages. But, you will also come across different sizes. These include: small, medium, and large. 

The package will offer you chalk quantity depending on the size. You will also have to pay according to the quantity. So, choose vigilantly. If you’re an occasional climber, do not spend much on medium or large packages. 

Remember that high-quality climbing chalk works well with the thinnest coatings. Hence, even a small package will last you a long time.

Best Climbing Chalk Brands

Friction Labs

Friction Labs is the most famous athletic chalk company, based in Denver, USA. The brand gets its reputation for producing the purest chalk that lasts for a long time. 

Chalk Ness Monster

The Chalk Ness Monster is a premium yet affordable gym chalk brand. It operates mainly through Amazon.

Matawi Yunek

Matawi Yunek is an emerging chalk company that manufactures professional-grade loose chalk powders. Similar to Chalk Ness Monster, they operate mainly through Amazon and other e-commerce stores.


The well-known Z ATHLETIC sports company is based in Noblesville, IN. It manufactures its goods and equipment in China. You can find much more at the Z ATHLETIC store than rock climbing chalk. 

Belay Store 

The Belay Store has got everything you need to kickstart your rock climbing career. It operates through Amazon and sells a diversity of climbing tools.


Should I Use Chalk for Bouldering?

Yes, you can use chalk for bouldering. However, the answer to whether you should depends on your skin type. While it might be mandatory for sweaty hands, people with dry hands can grip rocks easily without any chalk. 

How Long Does Climbing Chalk Last?

Climbing chalk doesn't have an expiry date. It will last for years, considering it's pure and has no artificial drying agent. Impure formulas will stay active and effective for a minimum of 3 years.

Is Liquid Chalk Good for Climbing?

Liquid chalk coats your hands into a thick layer of chalk. Its purpose is to create a long-lasting chalk layer on your hands. So, you won't have to cover your hands again and again during bouldering sessions. 

Wrap Up

Unlike regular chalk, rock climbing chalk has a composition designed to improve your climbing performance. It’s not just white powder, but pure magnesium carbonate to make your rock climbing experience safe. Some products may contain drying agents.

Thus, you need to be vigilant about which chalk you choose. We hope you have found your idealistic chalk in this article. In case you haven’t, don’t worry, you can still explore the huge variety available on the market by using our complete buying guide. Happy Climbing!

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